The INKtrovert explained

Small ears and a freckled tongue

So why The INKtrovert?

I needed a name separate from my own because I wanted some of the work I posted to be anonymous. However, most people who know me already are aware that I go by this alias which kind of defeats the purpose… My name is Janet by the way but I go by Jay, Afua Jay, AJ etc

There is a stigma about people who are introverts and how it is a negative thing to be but I do not think it is at all. It’s not that I have exclusively placed myself in that category and it’s the only way I identify myself; I just relate to many of the factors of an introvert. I integrated the word INK for obvious reasons and the name stuck  🙂

(If you don’t know about TED videos then go and be inspired!)

The aim of this blog:

I hope to make this blog very different from others.  Yes I plan to bombard you with my artwork but also my thoughts. Hopefully I will be posting on Sunday and Wednesday evenings but let’s see how that goes lol.

Looking at my post titles, expect something very different and random but still art related each time. So my blog will hopefully inspire, inform and generally be interesting whilst introducing you to me and my work processes. I express myself best visually and through writing so enjoy! Also if you want me to post about anything specific, tell me and I will see what I can do …


Ultimately, I want to become a (Storyboard artist & Animator > Scriptwriter > Visual Concept Artist > Artistic Director > ) Director. I know there are many stages to get there so in between now and then I like to do a variety of illustrations, animations, storyboards, cartoons, scriptwriting and occasionally I design. (Currently working on a Novel that I hope to publish anonymously by the age of 50)

Also living in a cabin close to the hustle and bustle of a city but far enough away to enjoy the tranquility would be ideal …

I have kind of wandered off now but yeah – you will not regret reading this blog + soon discover my strangeness even though I spend a lot of time trying to convince people I am normal.

Some facts:

I am an Visual Storyteller

Originally a Londoner … with hopes of leaving

I get ridiculously emotional about films and books …  my eyes can water over a trailer and I have the ability to start and finish a book in one day ever so calmly

Cinnamon goes with EVERYTHING

Very good at being hidden and this is evident in a lot of my personal artwork…

I tend to go missing from time to time *shrugs*

I think talking is actually a chore sometimes

I used to get detentions for reading my books under my school desk or turning all my exercise books into sketchbooks (enemies of progress-_-)

I try to live by Philippians 4 vs 6-7

pergo et perago: I try and I achieve


Talk to me

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