Strange one you are

Personality in your brand can be so important. As a sole trader/self-employed individual, I have seen the benefits of this in the world of storytelling.

We are in a generation of numerous start-ups, entrepreneurs and determined business people (which are good things) but when everyone is trying to get noticed at the same time, it’s easy to get lost and the uniqueness you think you have will not guarantee recognition.  


I went through a period of not allowing myself to fully love what I can do to the point where when telling friends and teachers the degree I wanted to pursue, I was met with confusion and surprise. I was covertly not your typical black girl and never encouraged to act on my love for art – this is probably something you will have to affirm yourself.  

These days I have been labelled a lot as ‘The cool kid’ due to my brand, which includes what I do, how I dress and what I am passionate about – it makes me smile but when younger, this was not the case. The attributes I am admired for now were often mocked and this affected the reputation I portrayed to people.  



– I try to not follow particular trends in drawing unless it actually matters to me. I do understand in some cases of business, trends may be what the market survives on but it is not always the route you should follow. For example, I do not draw flowers or ‘pretty’ things because that’s not what I am about nor what I am really interested in – I would be lying to myself if I did. For example, one of my favourite musicians at the moment is Alfa Mist. His Jazz sound and production is moody, dark and I love it.  

That’s his personality or what he is going through creatively coming out in his work. My storytelling tends to be weird, deep and dark as well; that’s just the way I am. My joy and funny side comes out through other means so it’s the challenges and often different aspects of me that feed my visual storytelling.  

– Build on something that is unique to you. The name The INKtrovert self-explanatory and even though I am a reserved individual, I have made sure my logo and brand is known. Growing up I received negativity for certain parts of my behaviour but now I am using it to tell stories. My obsessiveness with films is not understood by many but has led me to be able to study storytelling on different levels and train myself to visualise things imagined and not yet existing. It may sound weird but it is a skill I am so grateful to have obtained.  

– Tell stories. Tell YOUR stories. You do not have to put everything online if you do not like it, but certainly do not let fear and doubt stop you at least exploring an idea. I’ve learnt that some people find me weird or interesting due to seeing the way my CV is designed and how I illustrate or the way I talk about Film and this has provided many connections and jobs. If not for allowing my personality to come out of hiding, these opportunities would have probably never come my way.  


So don’t let the people of this world make you feel bad; it’s great to have passion for something specific and know yourself.

You could be surrounded by 100% supportive people but also understand it is not likely or enough to motivate you. Your desires and dreams can be taken over by loneliness and isolation because of your interests so try and not let it get you down and learn to encourage yourself daily.

I can’t see myself being anything else and I enjoy the fact that I am set apart and strange – don’t supress it.  

The INKtrovert 


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