The List part 1: Films

Film as a product is one of my first loves so this is going to be a quick list of some of the best IMO.

I have probably left some out and of course the list will never be complete because I constantly (like most) have the privilege of having access and being able to see brilliant films that creatives continue to produce but here is a list of my favourites and a short sentence not necessarily explaining why, but a thought or experience that comes to mind when thinking of them.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – First film I ever saw in the cinema.

Jurassic Park 1 & 2 – Developed an unnecessary fear of dinosaurs and believed they would burst through a giant row of trees and appear right on the motorway when travelling.

The Incredibles – (On first viewing) My awareness of storytelling had grown to a level I didn’t know of and now couldn’t contain. It is suave, creative, funny, exciting and excellent thus making it my favourite Superhero film (so far).

Guardians of the Galaxy – It makes me smile effortlessly and the OST is perfect.

Whiplash – My personal ideal combination of exquisite film and music; I wasn’t the same after.

The Man in the Iron Mask – First Leonardo DiCaprio sighting.

The Breakfast Club – I would have been friends with Bender.

Looper – The story is structured in the way I sometimes think.

The Departed – *Pew Pew*

Toy Story (franchise) – The reality idea that toys are alive is normal.

Lars and the Real Girl – Empathy and relation.

Lawless – Forest.

ATL – I like to roller-blade too.

Space Jam – The cinematic experience was scarily fun and overwhelming.

Mad Max: Fury Road – Unforgettably arresting.

A Goofy Movie – This film is actually deep.

All Dogs go to Heaven – Childhood.

Sunchaser – Makes me cry.

Chicken Run – Animals must have some epic stories to tell too.

Jumanji – I find it difficult remembering it is just a film – I believed everything.

Matilda – I tried to move things with my mind too and I don’t really like chocolate cake to this day.

Drive – Quietly intense; you don’t always have to talk.

The Place Beyond the Pines – Life can be so full.

Monsters Inc. – I keep my closet/wardrobe doors closed so tightly.

Stomp The Yard – Energetic classic.

Shutter Island – Scorsese doesn’t disappoint.

Memento – I wonder if Nolan got confused by his own narrative.

Prisoners – OMD.

Meet the Robinson’s – A delightful surprise.

Oceans 11, 12 & 13 – I am the missing member of the squad.

Fight Club – It is j-

Inception – Where do I start? Where did they end? And once again Nolan, your complexity fascinates me.

Paperman – Took me back and it reminded me of Jim Halpert.

The Prestige – ‘Open the door, close the door; I-am-so-confused’ (If you get the double reference, let me know.) Spins me every time.

Fantastic Mr Fox – Animation is truly not exclusive to children.

Avatar – Technology is amazing and James Cameron is responsible for a lot of tears.

Mr Happy – Chance is accurate.

The Iron Giant – (On first viewing) My eyes were opened and that’s when this all started.


Memento illustration from project Salience from my 2015 show with Cass Art and Free Thinking

I hope my ‘descriptions’ may even encourage you to see some of these films for yourself. I am sure by my sentences that some people now have more of a glimpse of how my mind and imagination works.



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