It’s a celebration…

Quick one.

If you revert back to the post I made at the end of the 2015 Don’t call it a comeback, I believe I mentioned a bit about a project I was going to be starting. In that post there was also an appeal to direct me to other creatives, film fanatics and so on that I can follow alongside promote my page. I am very thankful to all those who did this.

I am now able to talk a bit about the project and it is called ‘A celebration of MElanin’

I KNOW there has been so much hype about people of colour and melanin as if the word was just discovered and it has now become a trend HOWEVER this specific project is personal to me and hopefully other creatives. I purposely didn’t want to mention it on twitter because I didn’t want it to become some hashtag that could potentially be abused. I wasn’t really ready to reveal or properly start the project. Now that I am getting back into drawing and illustration (been scriptwriting a lot lately so I will probably talk about that in my next post), I can post visual updates of this alongside my blog post.


Masego: Arbitary Sax

So this is the first finished illustration/project piece I have done. This is just the introduction to the project so I will be talking about the concept and brief I wrote myself as well as the significance of the name soon (+ I hopefully would have completed an animation to support the project by then).


p.s. I’m in my last week of my degree work, pray for me please.


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