What a LOVELY day!

Mad Max: Fury Road

Hmmmmohhhygaaaassh this film was EXQUISITE. I saw this masterpiece at the cinema twice in one month and I am sure my eyes watered both times – it definitely has to be part of my Top Ten films for 2015.

Now if you personally know me, I am a huge fan of Tom Hardy but he was not even the main reason why I enjoyed this film so much.

Entering the sandstorm

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Entering the sandstorm


It wasn’t until after my first viewing whilst discussing how GASSED this film made us feel that my friends and I realised how uncomplicated the plot was. I dare say ‘simple’ because I believe that somehow devalues the story but really and truly, it was not hard to understand what was going on; I enjoyed that aspect. Normally, I look forward to being confused, surprised and mislead by a film’s storyline so I usually anticipate an element of shock but Mad Max: Fury Road did not do that for me at all.

The visual narrative was executed so well that an underlying hidden element to keep the story going or make it even more exciting was not needed. Obviously there were  back stories attached to each characters but I did not feel like I needed to know all of that information to help me understand what was going on. It was about a journey of freedom and struggle and nothing more.


There was not a lot of dialogue. There had to absolutely be a lot of sound effects to go with all the craziness we were seeing in the majority of shots but talking was not necessary in many of these.

Within the minimal dialogue, when the characters did talk, there were phrases such as ‘What a lovely day!’ I am sure most of the audience found memorable.


This is what really did it for me.  The cinematography was amazing.

The colours alone used to set the scenes were striking. It was so realistic that it was hard to think that this was a make-believe world. Centre-framing was a technique used to focus the shots which kept our eyes glued to the screen. Never did my eyes wonder and if they needed to, I was afraid of missing even a second of the film. The scenes were not busy or too much to handle because the camera work was carefully crafted and choreographed.

The action sequences and characters were exhilarating. I found a lot of them disgusting and hard to not flinch which was a good thing. I feel uncomfortable seeing cheesy action/fighting scenes to the point where it actually annoys me but I believed everything about this film.

I could go into more detail about Fury Road but I just wanted this to be a quick post of appreciation – not a review. (You do not necessarily need to have seen the previous Mad Max films to enjoy this one.)

Watch this film!

Mad Max: Fury Road Still

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ still from official website gallery


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