Don’t call it a comeback …

If you do not know what song the title is from, then to be honest … I do not know for youuuuu 😦

Anyways well it is kind of a comeback in regards to blogging. This is just a QUICK update to my current followers because I need a little favour (see end of post).

I had SO many plans and even posts lined up but I was just struggling to commit to this but I am ready again! I will probably explain what has happened throughout the past two years (within selected posts) but not in detail – the focus will still be on ART.

In the first couple of posts, I will be discussing new ventures and talking about;

what I have realised I do NOT want to do

what I have realised I do WANT to do

what I have realised I am GOING to do

I need your help to spread my blog because I always see make up, hair and fashion content everywhere which is great but there needs to be MORE diversity. I want this to reach creatives who are interested in film, books and the like. I will try to publish an update every Sunday, however after my disso hand-in I am more likely to actually stick to this promise.

I am excited to be back and think it will help with completing University whilst encouraging my career aspirations as well as my visual identity; I want this to be set apart from the rest. Yes I am a black female going into the industry, however I do not want that to be my gimmick – but just something a bit different to offer.

p.s PLEASE direct me to any WordPress pages that are similar- I want to network more because I tend to hide…

A new post should be out this Monday however I will resume posting on Sundays hopefully.



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