I have a story to tell, or two

I see myself as either being a very focused person, or one that is easily distracted; I am not sure I have an in-between. So when I am creating art, although I might be focussed on what I’m doing, in the back of my mind I am distracted by (too) MANY ideas. I actually lose sleep over this because I cannot turn my brain off a lot of time. Like many other people (I’m assuming,) once I have an idea, it kind of multiplies and divides off into sections of different possibilities so I get exhilarated and troubled at the same time if I don’t write any of it down straight away. This is why I sleep with a note/sketchbook under my pillow + constantly write notes on my phone.

But yer, I have even gone off subject with the post …

What I am trying to say is that I see myself as a storyteller. I often say art was my first love but to be honest, I think reading was too. The love I have for books … let me not even start lol. So because I see myself as a storyteller, at the old age of 21 I have started writing my (first) novel. I used to write poems and short stories as a child but all those are probably gone or just hidden away in my toy box.

Now to help me with my novel, obviously being a visual communication artist (yes sometimes I like to use that title to spice up my intended profession) I plan to maybe do a side project of turning the novel into also a graphic novel. This means CONCEPT DRAWING 😀

I believe in order to help me write an AMAZING story with depth, meaning and truth, I need to visualise the characters and scenery. This will encourage the exploration of my imagination.

The problem is that although this is something I have always wanted to do, it was only this year where a solid concept came to me but as usual, I was distracted. (Besides the fact I LEFT my university course, 2014 has been SO challenging in every possible way.)

I really want the novel to be successful but a lot of planning has to be done. I need to focus on the right things and maybe create a schedule. I don’t know the ‘professional’ way to write and Lord knows (and my lecturers too -_-) that I am the most confusing and informal writer. But then again this is creative writing – not essay writing. So maybe I won’t be that bad at it.

So far I have written a prologue, have a few quotes and have some character ideas. The story is very complex at the moment but includes elements of warfare (physical and metal), friendship, young adults and fantasy … but there is a purposeful meaning behind it all. I don’t want to confuse the reader so I have to make sure each feature, background story and other important components are consistent and solid. I actually can’t wait to start writing it properly. Hopefully by September I can do so, then maybe I will finish it by the time I am 30 LOL (or earlier – who knows?)

Here are a few pictures from a design brief for a book about a child’s first day at school and other first time memories. All illustrations can be found here > https://www.behance.net/gallery/4665967/Mini-Memories

p.s infant/young children’s books are something I definitely want to try out later on in my life.


MM Illustration 1

MM Illustration 1

MM Illustration 2

MM Illustration 2

MM Illustration 3

MM Illustration 3


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