“Oh you’re an artist? Can you draw me?”

L O L I hear this SO often, and I am definitely sure I am not the only one that sometimes feels some immediate pressure or not knowing what to say because let’s face it, once you start talking prices…

But I am honoured when I get asked this, even if it is not a serious request. The slight issue is when it actually is. I have this thing that I kind struggle drawing people I know, especially MYSELF. I have tried many times to do a self-portrait and failed miserably (in my opinion).

Old drawing of me

*Sigh* This is very old

I think another reason why I find it challenging is that we tend to already have a set idea of someone’s features in our head so it’s hard to draw them the way they actually are. Also, after you have been working on a drawing for however many hours you might start to trick your brain into thinking YES its perfect or NO its rubbish because you know who it’s supposed to be. Realistically … it may be totally out of proportion or just fine.

'The Wordstress'

‘The Wordstress’

This is why I tend to get opinions from artists and also non artists to try and obtain honest answers (the things people come up with just to please you – it’s amazing lol). I had one guy suggest a certain illustration I drew was ME just because he saw an image of a black female. Let me clarify; it was not.

All I am saying is take on the challenge and evaluate your progress.

Am I the only one that finds it difficult doing self-portraits? If so, let me know!

(p.s The Wordstress is an amazing singer/songwriter – check out her music: https://soundcloud.com/thewordstress)



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