Yes I use colour … black is a colour

I have always liked drawing in black ink. I like to ‘create’ and enhance an illustration and make it stand out using different sketching and shading techniques – and a lot of people have noticed this. It’s not that I am afraid of colour, I certainly have the equipment. It’s just that I get worried it may take something away from my image.

Also when you make a mistake in colour, it is SO much harder to correct it. I make a lot of mistakes in my drawings but I like that-I sometimes even leave them on the page.

However when I do creep into the wonderful world of colour, I use it in a few different ways. Sometimes I get asked to do cartoon illustrations but with a realistic look so I have to make sure I am careful with the shading.

Digitally colouring

Digitally colouring



Other times I may just be experimenting so accuracy is the last thing on my mind.



Colour is a beautiful thing, but I do not always think it is necessarily needed to make something look better. Assess what you are creating and see if adding colour or even just discrete tints are needed. Then choose your colour medium very carefully.

TH by JK colourful


 ‘’The simplicity of black ink gives me comfort’’ by Janet Kutin


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