How to draw the ‘right’ way

Personally I do not think there is a specific or correct way to draw.

I do not draw in grid stages like I see many people doing and apparently I was never taught how to hold a pen or pencil properly because to be honest, I am weird like that.

I think it is best to find a technique you are comfortable with and then go from there. However, I do believe listening and trying certain tips can definitely improve your skills e.g, drawing painting from a slight upward angle so the image you’re creating isn’t distorted and actually in proportion.



-When drawing a portrait piece, I normally start with the main outline of the head, then lightly mark where the facial features should go.

-I then refine these lines and shade in the base skin colour.

-After, I proceed to add more shading to the darker areas using my fineliners as well as my graphite pencils to define the facial structure whilst continuously analysing the image on a whole to check that I am on the right track.

-The more intricate features are then added or erased etc until I am satisfied with my illustration.

GL completed

GL completed

(This is for black and white drawings by the way because … I like the simplicity *shrugs*)

All in all, it took me a while to get into this routine and find out what works best for me. I now know approximately how long it takes me to do different types of illustrations which is useful for planning my day or discussing time scales with clients.

Just draw in your own productive way to discover your best method and do not think too much about other artist’s creative processes; make up your own 🙂


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