What am I doing?

What am I doing?

Yes that is me lol

Yes that is me lol

I would like to think I am sort of a traditional Illustrator. In whatever I am designing, drawing or creating, I start with a pencil and paper (like most people). With me, I like to show the roughness, what stages I have been through and sometimes what mistakes I have made – I like to keep it raw.

But lately I feel like there isn’t much of an appreciation for traditional drawing and art. There was a time, and it still happens every so often, that I start to get worried that I am just wasting my time with my degree and in general (- I study Graphic Communication and Illustration). I tried to come up with new directions in which I can make money and still stick to the craft I love but couldn’t think of anything substantial; I am not business minded! I was setting targets way beyond me and yes I know it’s good to work towards goals sometimes but without a solid plan it was making me anxious and stressed about something I should enjoy doing. My drawings became sloppy, I became impatient and found myself thinking of my creative work (- something that a lot of energy, time, sacrifices and money had been put into) as a burden because I was rarely happy with my outcomes. Questioning my degree more and more made me resent it and I ended up with grades I was not proud of (and taking a break…). Thinking that others do not view your work as meaningful as what they are studying, or that it does not require enough skill that one should not be paid for it is not healthy mind-set. But now I’ve seen the light … well I am thinking a bit differently. Grades are given for a reason, but they do not determine your talent or ability.

I need to remember that not everyone may appreciate what I do, but I believe that God gave me this talent for a reason and I should not give it up for the reasons I was thinking. I should not worry too much about money right now (even though I need to make a living) but instead the career direction I want to go in and work towards that – not society’s expectations.

Do not waste your talent or compare it to others in a way that puts you down or your love for it may turn sour. Take joy (and a humble attitude) in the fact you may have the ability to do something that others cannot, but they may admire you for it. Perfect your craft and left your gift be shown through your work 🙂

This verse talks about Spiritual gifts, but it still applies: 1 Corinthians 12 v 4-6.

Me at 21

Probably the only picture you will see of me on here … and yes that is an Iron Man Birthday cake 🙂


2 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. Grades do not determine your artistic ability! I failed art but kept drawing because i loved too and think that my work isn’t bad, my boyfriend didn’t go to art school and has a lot of self-doubt surrounding his art work, but he’s the best artist i know! and is able to earn money from it. It’s difficult because as you say artists are not naturally business minded, so a lot of us suffer with trying to get seen and appreciated.

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