The basics

2014 has been the year where I have basically rebooted myself. FORCED encouraged by a few people, I have finally decided I should share some of my projects, client work, random artwork, scribbles and thoughts…

Don’t expect all of it to make sense nor be formal. Just expect my weirdness on (mainly) an artistic level.

Few facts:

I am an Visual Storyteller

Originally a Londoner … with hopes of leaving

I get ridiculously emotional about films and books …  my eyes can water over a trailer and I have the ability to start and finish a book in one day ever so calmly

Cinnamon goes with EVERYTHING

Very good at being hidden and this is evident in a lot of my personal artwork…

I tend to go missing from time to time *shrugs*

I think talking is actually a chore sometimes

I used to get detentions for reading my books under my school desk or turning all my exercise books into sketchbooks (enemies of progress-_-)

I try to live by Philippians 4 vs 6-7

pergo et perago: I try and I achieve

Me old Sketch

An oldie


Talk to me

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